UKHospitality and CGA research reveals latest eating and drinking out trends

14/03/2018 - 07:00
“Healthy lifestyles” was this week revealed the number one trend dominating the way consumers eat out, following latest research from leading industry bodies.

The third and newest edition of ‘Future Shock’ – a series of insights co-produced by UKHospitality and CGA into the UK’s eating and drinking out sectors – found that 47% of British consumers now eat out “at least” once a week, and that three in five out-of-home diners “proactively try to lead a healthy lifestyle.”

As well as providing an opportunity for operators to capitalize on the trend – particularly popular among “young urban people” – it is having “significant” impact on the market with alcohol consumption falling and soft drink sales conversely rising.

Another trend dominating the market is technology - 60% say they “may check bar/restaurant websites before they visit - their main ‘missions’ being to check the food menu and opening times.” Booking tables online has also become widespread behaviour, as has downloading a bar or restaurant mobile app to smartphones or tablets (done by 1 in 5) and using mobiles to pre-order and pay for food.

While many businesses are embracing such changes, the report also found that a number are struggling in the face of rising people and property costs; the “looming” staffing crisis as a result of Brexit and both environmental and health reforms.

Chief executive of UKHospitality, Kate Nicholls, explained: “This has been a very busy year for the sector, with battles on business rates, living wage, lease reform, apprenticeship levy and the sugar tax.

“In the battle for share of voice within government, insight, intelligence and information are king, and that is why the Future Shock series is so important.”

Jamie Campbell, business unit director at CGA, added: “This is a time of huge change in out-of-home eating and drinking, and our latest edition of Future Shock spotlights three of the most pressing issues: technology, health and Brexit.

“Understanding these and the many other trends uncovered by CGA’s research is going to be crucial for all operators in the months and years ahead.”

The full report can be viewed here:

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