SRA calls on restaurants to get on board new One Planet Plate campaign

21/02/2018 - 07:00
The Sustainable Restaurant Association (SRA) is encouraging chefs to support a new campaign aimed at promoting sustainable food to diners.

The ‘One Planet Plate’ campaign calls on restaurants to include a dish on its menu which addresses at least one of the ‘big challenges’ facing the food system.

The dishes will be promoted via a dedicated One Planet Plate website, scheduled to launch next month.

Participating hospitality operators include Ottolenghi, Saltyard Group, Gladwin Brothers, Salon, The PIG, Poco and Modern Pantry, in the UK, and Necker Island and Locavore in Indonesia.

Each has pledged to add a One Planet Plate on their menus in time for when the campaign goes live on 24 March, a date chosen to coincide with WWF’s Earth Hour.

Andrew Stephen, chief executive of the SRA, said: “We only have one planet and we have to eat more wisely if we’re to sustain our growing population.

“Diners are increasingly aware of the problems in our food system but too often unaware of what sustainable food looks and tastes like when eating out. A One Planet Plate is effectively the chef’s sustainable special – his or her edible ethical endorsement.”

Stephen says chefs who chose to back the campaign have creative licence to make their own entirely new recipe or can use “an existing crowd-pleaser”.

He suggested the following ways restaurants could address the “big challenges” in the food system through their chosen meals-

Celebrate Local: Use locally sourced, seasonal and non-intensively-farmed produce

Waste No Food: Rethink how food surplus or common by-products are used

More Veg: Shift the proportion of animal protein towards plant-based ingredients

Source Fish Sustainibly: Educate diners on where their fish comes from

Better Meat: Inspire diners to eat high-welfare meat in smaller portions

Low Carbon Footprint: Cut use of natural resources from farm to fork

The SRA is giving participating restaurants a full marketing pack to help promote their One Planet Plate to customers.

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