Holiday Hunger LACA Chair Challenge 2016 - 100k update
05/08/2016 12:08
Written by Admin

Before I give you the promised update I would again like to thank everyone who supported me in making a contribution to funds and in raising the profile of the LACA Chair Challenge this past year. I am I humbled by the level of support received, and I cannot thank you enough. 

I wrote on the LACA Website in May asking for bids for projects across the UK, with the objective of supporting at least one project in Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and England.

We received 24 bids by the closing date of 24 June 2016, to the value of over £41,000 which goes someway to show the level of need across the country. All cases were well made and all worthy causes and I wish I could have supported all.

We managed to receive just over £5,000 on the day we needed to make the selection of recipients prior to the summer break. Following the LACA Main Event I with the support of Kath Breckon, School Chef of the Year 2016 identified 11 Projects that would receive support and allocated all funds available totalling £5320. I wrote to all projects bids informing them of the contribution. I have also written to all unsuccessful bids.

I am also conscious that contributions to the cause from valued supporters are still in the process of being made, so I will over time review the standing and as soon as am able allocate these to Holiday Hunger projects that were not successful in the first instance.

Again thank you so much for everyone’s support and if you are involved in any way in supporting delivery of summer feeding projects thank you for making a difference to children’s health and well-being.

Peter McGrath