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Dynamic hand stick blender
Sous Vide cooking tools
Foster Refrigerator ice maker
Metcalfe Catering Equipment Atollspeed C50 conveyor
11/08/2017 - 12:28


Dynamic has added four new models to its extensive range of stick blenders, available from Nisbets.

The new range has been designed specifically to blend, mix, puree or crush with ease when using a bratt pan or other low height, large capacity container.

Within the new range from Dynamic are the (DM487) SMX 300 Stick Blender MX150 and (DM488) SMX 300 Stick Blender MX155. These turbo stick blenders are designed for heavy duty, continuous use and the MX150 has the Dynamic ‘crushing hammer’ foot which ensures perfect results with an even consistency.

For commercial kitchens requiring a little more flexibility, the new (DM489) Dynamic DMX 300 CC Master Stick Blender MX160 and (DM490) Dynamic DMX 300 CC Master Stick Blender MX165 offer the same shorter shaft (300mm) to enable efficient bratt pan blending of soups in batches from 40 litres to 100 litres but with the added advantage of being able to utilise the range of innovative and functionally designed Dynamic attachments (AG852 – AG855) which enable blending or crushing of other ingredients and larger batch capabilities.


Sous Vide Tools is making sous vide cooking even easier with a bluetooth enabled thermal circulator that clips on to any pot (up to 80 litres) to create an instant water bath that can be controlled from anywhere.

The iVide Thermal Circulator guarantees a temperature stability of 0.03°C between 40°C and 100°C on all suitable round or flat cooking vessels with a minimum depth of 16.5cm, and has a 2kw heating element that promises a heavy duty performance with fast heat up time. The water resistant unit, which has a high-resolution five-inch touch screen for easy programming, is designed to be clamped to the side of the chosen stainless steel or polycarbonate pot. A circulating pump ensures no hot or cold spots.

Bluetooth technology means that the circulator can be controlled via an app, an initiative that makes sous-vide cooking more accessible whilst ensuring food safety.


Foster Refrigerator has launched its brand new FS Series range of ice makers for use in foodservice kitchens and behind the bar.

A key element that sets the new FS Series apart from other available ranges is the spray system and patented ice cube shape. The spray system produces crystal clear ice cubes, while the patented shape means the ice cubes last longer in cold drinks.

Roy Marsden, product manager for Foster said: “The optimised performance of this range means on average the new ice makers use 70% less water than previous models, which is a significant saving for a busy outlet. Manufactured using top quality stainless steel, assuring durability and quality, the highly insulated ice bin also improves efficiency by minimising the loss of cold air, slowing down the melting of the ice."


Metcalfe Catering Equipment is introducing a new Atollspeed C50 conveyor oven to its range to offer a speedy service to operators.

Featuring touchscreen controls and independent operation of top and bottom heat, the C50 promises significantly reduced baking times compared to conventional conveyor ovens.

The 50cm wide conveyor belt can hold two 25cm (10ins) pizzas side by side for example, and offers ten speed settings to choose from. Both the belt and the hot air nozzles can be removed without tools for easy cleaning. Setting programs is simple with the user-friendly touchscreen which features 68 programs identified by product images.  At the same time, insulation of the unit ensures low energy consumption.

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