Britannia launches new refresh recirculating air system

Brittania maxi refresh unit
23/05/2017 - 07:30
Suitable not only for kitchens sited in less conventional places, but also for restaurants that have run out of space beneath existing hoods, Britannia is introducing its refresh recirculating air system which is a self-contained kitchen ventilation system that needs no direct duct connection to atmosphere.

The demand for vent-free cooking is growing steadily, particularly as traditional kitchen sites become harder to find. By using recirculating hoods, the Refresh system allows caterers to take full advantage of existing spaces with minimal cost implications when compared to the retro-fitting of permanent exhaust hood fans and expensive ductwork. A refresh unit can even be used to set up a cooking station in previously unattainable areas of a building bringing flexibility to the operation.

Suitable for any kitchen using light to medium electrically powered equipment such as bratt pans, fryers, griddles and pasta cookers for example, a Refresh unit is simple to install.

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